Be A Superman From God’s Word!

If you give me a few moments, I will explain how and why prophetic words, as you will find below, can move and enrich your faith. Just remember that Prophetic words are always given as words of confirmation of something the Lord has already told you, but also to strengthen and encourage you during a time of suffering or frustration.

For example, we can turn to 1st Samuel and see where the Lord completely rejects King Saul and then anoints David to take his place. Well, you can imagine, Saul wasn’t too happy with that, so he tries to kill David. Can I suggest something? When the Lord makes a decree, there isn’t anything a mere man can do to stop it!

But, since Saul was attempting to kill him, David ran off to a city where a bunch of prophets lived and Saul sent some assassins there to kill David. Now pay attention, because this gets pretty cool!

Well, the assassins show up, and the prophets were speaking God’s Words and those guys were so moved by the anointing in the place, they couldn’t kill David. I mean, that anointing was very strong!

However, when Saul heard about it, he sent another contingent of assassins to capture David and, by golly, the exact  same thing happened to them! He did this a third time with identical results. Frustrated, Saul decided he would have to go there himself. Guess what? The same thing happened to him!

What we should learn hereof is that when people hear God’s Word, spoken openly and sincerely, Yahweh says his Word will accomplish whatever it is sent to do. Let me give you an example how this works. Many years ago, when my dad was dying from Lung Cancer and logically, at times, became panicky when he lost his ability to breathe. Well, while praying, the Lord gave me some words for him. So, allow these words to comfort and encourage you, as well:

“My child, don’t be afraid. I am with you. Don’t panic or tremble with fear. I am your God.  I will make you strong and comfort you. I am the LORD your God and I am holding your hand, so don’t be afraid. I am here to help you. To me, you are precious and I delight in you. I love you. Don’t be afraid! I am with you.

“Don’t tremble with fear! I alone am God–no one else is a mighty rock and I will give you comfort and strength, and I will never leave you. Be strong and courageous, I will strengthen you and comfort you in my arms. I will not fail you or forsake you. Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord will personally be with you; he will neither fail you nor abandon you.

“God’s Spirit doesn’t make cowards out of us. The Spirit gives us power, love, and self-control. In all of your troubles, whatever your situation you find yourself in, simply worship the LORD. He will be your God. The LORD your God will have mercy–he won’t desert you. The LORD will remember his promises, and he will calm you and strengthen you. Don’t panic or be afraid, only trust and believe me. I am the resurrection, and the life.”

I had instructed my mother to read those words to my dad whenever he was stressed or becoming panicky. But I assure you that the Lord can do the same thing for you. The Lord can take those Words you just read, and speak them to YOU, as well. Yes, it was a message to my father, but it can also minister to you.

For instance, in the Psalms, you find all kinds of words that came from the heart of men, but the Lord was (and still is) able to use those same Words as messages to each of us. Take for example Psalm 119.

Your word is a lamp for my feet
    and a light for my path (Psalm 119:105)

There is nothing more supernatural than the Word of God. It is given to us by divine inspiration by the Holy Spirit speaking through His prophets and disciples, or directly to our hearts. The Bible has an answer for every question we might ever have. The Word of God is full of life principles, true stories of God’s mercy toward human behavior, and rich parables filled with important truths for every person on Earth.

I love the way The Message renders the verse above:

By your words I can see where I’m going;
    they throw a beam of light on my dark path (Psalm 119:105)

Isn’t that a cool rendition? The Bible is a personal letter to you and me. It tells us everything we need to know. There may be times when our God speaks something to us that is not in a specific chapter or verse, but if He is truly speaking, then what we hear will always be in agreement with His Word. He will speak to us and lead us in every situation as we seek Him through His Word. When I need to hear from my Lord about something specific, He frequently reminds me of a Scripture that clearly gives me the answer I am seeking.

Hearing God’s voice (being led by the Holy Spirit) throughout each day has become a natural way of life for me since I received the fullness of the Holy Spirit. God gives the gift of His Spirit to everyone who asks (see Luke 11:13), and the Holy Spirit helps us understand God’s Word so we can apply its wisdom to our lives.

However, it also requires that you are reading and storing up the written words  so He can bring you in remembrance of them! If all you are meditating are activities of the stars you see on TV, all you will remember are the scripts of their movies.  No, what you need is for the Holy Spirit to remind you of passages you have long ago forgotten. For instance, when my oldest son was in Iraq, I would continually pray for him. However, one evening, my prayers eventually became more like pathetic begging, than true intercession for my son!

My prayers ended up sounding like a whimper, “Oh God, please, please, take care of my son. Keep him safe and sound .  . .” on and on it went. One day while I was driving home from work the Lord spoke loud and clear to me: “Quit pleading and start believing!” Then suddenly, in just seconds, passage after passage began to flood my heart and mind of God’s protection and care. Passages that I had long ago forgotten were even in the Bible!

It was such a rewarding time! As each passage passed through my mind my faith and confidence in my Father’s care and protection rose up within me and instead of pleading with Him to protect my son, I began to make declarations of peace and protection! Instead of pleading, I became emboldened and clothed in the armor of a warrior! I became Clark Kent as he stepped our of a phone booth! Suddenly, Superman burst out to conquer any evil that my son would face! So, my friends, begin to read God’s Word as a personal letter, written just for you! It will allow you to step into that phone booth!

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