Our Home

Despite the desires we may have, there is only one thing that each of us are longing. Just one. It is not fame or fortune. It is not a flashy pair of clothing or the respect of those around us. Above everything else, we long for a home. A homeless person is unhappy because he does not have a home. Young couples long for a home.

The psalmist cried out of loneliness because he had been cut off from his God. He said, “Lord, even the sparrow’s found a home, the swallow a nest for herself. I need a home too.” He said, “They found a place near Your altar” and that’s where I want to find rest.” (see Psalm 8)

Brothers and sisters, we will never find a home in this world, but there is a home awaiting our arrival. A place where we truly belong. A place where we will find rest and ease and peace, where each of us is at home. A place near our Father’s altar. The altar is the place of yielding, sacrifice, dedication, self-surrender, and when we finally reach that place, we have come home.

My soul longs and yearns
    for Yahweh’s courtyards.
    My whole body shouts for joy to El Chay.
         Even sparrows find a home,
            and swallows find a nest for themselves.
                There they hatch their young
                    near your altars, O Yahweh Tsebaoth,
    my Melek and my Elohim.
Blessed are those who live in your house.
    They are always praising you. Selah (Psalm 84:2-4)

There is a beautiful homecoming for each one of us who turn from sin and rebellion, back to our God and come to the place near His altar.

Doulos Studies

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