Considering the Incarnation

As you may have noticed, the last couple of days I have been focusing on our Father’s visit through His incarnation. The most significant event that changed all of human history. An event that those who have been so influenced by it are drawn to rejoice and shout the news to the world.

But wait, before you run out and climb a rooftop to shout the news, you need to think about this some. Sometimes we become too familiar with the message and forget how significant, how profound and amazing the story of our Father’s incarnation really is! It is indeed the most important single act in human history! Bar none!

In our minds, the mask that Christmas wears may be either one of commercialism or of irrational rejoicing. But if we simply strip away the mask of traditional acceptance and begin to view it with new eyes, you will see the need to feel and experience the wonder of our Father’s visit.

The problems that the world faces are far greater and more complex than any of us have known. Our conception of God Himself is far greater than we have ever imagined.

But, by taking a deeper view of this act, will make our traditional belief in the incarnation more profound and dignified. Although I might add, it also forces us to see that the personal arrival of our God into human history has far deeper and wider implications that any of us — and our previous generations — has had the chance to imagine.

Doulos Studies

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