What A Scene to Behold!

I realize it looks really quaint and “Christianie” on a Christmas card, but I can pretty much assure you that Mary wasn’t too excited to put her baby to sleep in an animal’s feeding trough. Sure, the alternative was to lay him on a dirty floor, but in a trough? Yuck. And can you imagine the pain it must have caused her to know that the world still has no room for her baby?

However, it must have excited her when those grubby and rugged shepherds came bursting in, breathless and excited, describing the vision of angels t hey had, up there on the hillside and how those angels told them that beyond all doubt that this baby was really God! Whoa! And all they wanted to do was to kneel and give him their presents! Ooh, ooh. Then a little drummer boy came pounding on a drum, Pa rum pum pum pum . . . oops! That is a song, not Scripture. Sorry.

Hey, can you imagine what it would have been like if the folks who were comfortably snoring next door in the Inn, had looked out their window and saw all the shepherds kneeling in the stable? You can’t write a better script than that! But that is how God made His entrance into our world. Amazing.

Doulos Studies

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