The Second of The “Ten” (part III of IV)

Whenever you hear a teaching about the commandment never to create other “gods” to worship, inevitably, the teacher will warn you not to make our jobs or wealth or cars or hobbies or anything else, too important. Why is that? Because the danger is that we will put the importance of those things — the importance of even our families — above God.

It might sound silly. I mean, we would never do that, would we? Well, maybe yes, we would. You see, anything that we put above or even on the same level in the importance of Yahweh in our lives is idolatry. Right? These overly important things in our lives do become our gods. And when most of us hear our Pastors talk about stuff like this, we nod our heads up and down and shout an “Amen, brother!”

We do that because, in our heart of hearts, we know that it is true. We hate it; we wish we could control it. We never intended to make our hobby more important than following God, but little by little it became that way.

For instance, I was an Investment Broker . . . It didn’t happen immediately, but eventually, I spent more time reading the Wall Street Journal and other investment papers — and watching CNBC — than I spent studying my Father‘s Word. Investing became my God. It consumed my thoughts and my dreams. Yes, other can do it, but I could not (primarily because it was not my “calling,” where I belonged. So, because I wasn’t following my “true” gifting and calling, I was easily lead astray) Once I removed myself from my true love, I set aside many of my deeply held values.  I eventually woke up and realized that I had to get out of that field.

What I want you to understand is that when I first entered the financial area, I never intended to make investing money more important than God. But, little by little, it came to dominate my life. As I began to attach more importance to earning and spending money than to God, I never thought of it as worshiping those things, but it was.

Friends, it works the same way with anything we spend more time with and focus more attention on.

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