The Fourth of The “Ten” (part II of V)

We are discussing how we are to honor the Sabbath, and one of the most common areas of disagreement you find concerns when the Sabbath occurs. Is it Saturday? Or, is it Sunday? Hmm. Let‘s begin and see if we can all agree on this much: Are there seven days in a week? Yes? Okay, see how easy it is when we find agreement?

Now, do you also agree that there is only one, seventh-day, of the week, each week, the same way you will find a first day, a second day, a third day and so on? Even before they created official calendars, there has been a unit of time called a week; that consisted of seven days. This wasn’t so difficult, was it?

It was relatively late in history before cultures started to give each day a name, and of course, the names varied depending on which language you speak. But before all that began, as far as the historians could find, the days were just numbered: first day, second day, and so on.

To this day, Hebrews continue to use numbers to recognize the days, rather than naming them. However, there is one exception to that: the seventh day. The seventh day is known as Shabbat. Interesting, huh?

The point is: whatever arguments we have regarding the proper day for Sabbath observance, have nothing to do with identifying which day is the seventh day of the week! And, we are told in Genesis, that Yahweh created everything six days, and then on the seventh day, He rested. He also commanded that the seventh day was to be called Sabbath, Shabbat, and set aside to be Holy.

When we come together on Sunday, we are not observing the seventh day Sabbath. Instead, we are obeying a law enacted by Constantine and the Catholic Church in the fourth century AD. This was when they created a day for Christian fellowship, which they called The Lord’s Day. I am not criticizing anyone. I am only sharing a well-documented fact. A fact shared by both historians and Bible scholars. But I will continue this in the next few messages.

Just understand that I am not trying to start any fights, just merely pointing out some facts. Although, when I began this series of messages (and especially this one), I warned you that I would be stepping on many of our toes (including mine). Please, just hang with me while we try to sort this out.

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