The Eighth of The “Ten”

Do not steal —Exodus 20:15

The Eighth Word is going to be the shortest and most succinct of all of them! It is so straight-forward and means what it says. Well, for the most part. It concerns, stealing. As I said, it means exactly what it says. Except that the Hebrew word for stealing, ganab, also carries the idea of stealth, being sneaky and deceptive. Hence my snazzy artwork!

It is getting something that doesn‘t rightfully belong to you through sneaky or deceptive means. It is just as much stealing as it is walking into a 7-11 and sticking a Twinkie into your pocket. Obviously, putting that food into your pocket is a crime. But in God‘s economy, obtaining something through deception, even if it is technically legal and therefore not a crime that can be prosecuted, is also stealing. It is like all of the false advertising we see on TV. We could also list several congressmen and women who are guilty of this.

Doulos Studies

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