Are We Immune? (pt 2)

Yesterday, I began discussing our immunity to the works of our enemy and I explained one type of immunity. Well, the second kind of immunity does not come automatically with our salvation. It only comes when we surrender our will to our Father’s will. When we bow to His authority, we become immune to defeat and all other threats to the plan of God for our personal lives. But, our surrender must become our rock, the lodestar on which we build our lives!

I am not saying that we are immune from trouble, tribulation, or even a certain amount of oppression. If anything, our belonging to Christ invites such troubles. However, they won’t be able to defeat us. Through obedience to what we know to do, we will possess and practice the God-given power to overcome them, and God’s plan will be not be interrupted.

I’m not only talking life or death, this applies to your work; relationships; school; ministry. Whatever task the Lord has given you, will be accomplished, regardless of what troubles come against you.

When the Lord gave Paul the vision of going to Rome nothing was going to stop him from going to Rome. He met with every opposition you can imagine. His enemies beat Paul and left for dead; he was ridiculed; one time he took a boat trip and a big storm came up. The storm was so severe the captain began tossing all the cargo overboard. Paul was at peace because the Lord had given him a vision to go to Rome. And he had learned that what the Lord plans, he accomplishes.

The ship began to break apart and everyone had to swim to shore. But no one died during the storm. They built a fire to keep warm and if anything couldn’t become worse, a snake bit Paul. It should have killed him instantly, but he shook the snake off and kept working. I’m telling you, my friends, nothing could stop him from achieving the goal God had given him.

Don’t miss what I just said. I didn’t say that we must be perfect. I said we must be obedient to what we know to do. When the Lord has spoken to you; if the Lord has shown you something, you are to obey to what you know to obey. The Lord is doing different things in my life and expects things of me, which he does not expect of you. He knows where you are in your walk and he is merely looking for your faithfulness.

I know that all I shared is true because I have experienced it. I have complete assurance of my salvation. I am convinced that the cross has immunized me against all judgment for sin. However, over the years I have without doubt been temporarily defeated by the enemy and have done things that were not part of God’s plan for my life. By surrendering to my own will and passions and desire in certain seasons, I have stepped outside the shelter of the Most High. Although the enemy couldn’t overtake me, he certainly had a field day with me.

Today, I am a living, breathing grace-filled Plan B, or more correctly I am probably a Plan D. But I am a Plan D who has learned some painful lessons that have changed my behavior. Today I jump out of bed with one primary plan of attack for the day: ducking under the sheltering wing of the Most High so the enemy will have to get through Him to get to me.

Our Father yearns to lavish each of us with His possessive, protective love — to cover us from so many unnecessary harms. There is a secret place. Go, my friend, and hide.

Father, I call on you because I know you will answer me. Along with the Psalmist I pray that you —

Reveal your miraculous deeds of mercy,
        O Savior of those who find refuge by your side
            from those who attack them.
     Guard me as if I were the pupil in your eye.
    Hide me in the shadow of your wings.
     Hide me from wicked people who violently attack me,

 from my deadly enemies who surround me (Psalm 17:7-9).

Lord, please be my shelter of safety as I follow your Word, because I put my hope in your promise of immunity.

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