Jesus’ Words

Think about Jesus’ mother. She had been told thirty years before by the prophet Simeon that “a sword will pierce your own soul” (Luke 2:35). When her son was dying on the cross, you would think that would have been the sword piercing her, but Jesus’ words must have given the sword a twist. He said, “Dear woman, here is your son!” and then to John standing by, “Here is your mother!” (John 19:26-27). He was actually making the final break in the physical relationship between Mary and himself!

Why was Jesus turning his mother over to a new son? Dr. Russell Bradley Jones, in his book Gold from Golgotha, says:

The word that grieved Mary so when it was spoken proved, by times interpretation, to be a blessed word indeed. Mary discovered that she had been led from a natural union with Jesus to a mystical union with Christ. She gladly took her place among his sincere worshippers. It was not a special place, it was not on a platform; it was with the 120, as a simple believer!

She found that the salvation relationship is higher than the family relationship. She learned that it was better to have him as her Savior and Lord than to have him as her son.

In a very true sense, she discovered that her former son had made better provision for her as her Savior than he could have made as her son. Heavenly mansions and eternal life are hardly to be compared with a few fleeting years in John‟s home.”

Doulos Studies

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