Our Mistakes in Worship

In his article entitled, “Many Christians Make These 2 Serious Mistakes in Worship,” Dr. F. Dean Hackett discusses something that has concerned me for many years. In our times of worship, are we actually aware of the songs we are singing?

Honest, many of the modern songs we use in worship are so romantic and intimate we could be singing about our spouse or “significant other.” As Dr. Hackett says, “They are worship songs to God only if the worshipper intends it so and the words are spoken personally to Him.”

There are two serious mistakes in worship today being made that are sending us down a slippery slope

1. The church is removing the sacredness of the worship experience.

When a song used on Sunday to worship the living God can be used on Monday night in a ballroom dance competition, something is missing.

Exactly! Why are you raising your hands to worship unless you are specifically addressing Yahweh, the God our Creator? Most of the time we are addressing a vague concept of “God,” and not addressing Him specifically.

What is missing is the holiness and fear of the Lord in worship.

Also being missed are worship songs that create a holy fear of the Lord in the heart of the worshipper by giving adoration, worship and a holy awe of Jesus Christ, heavenly Father and Holy Spirit.

Worship and praise music must accurately declare the nature and character of Almighty God, and it must proclaim and give adoration to His name.

2. The second mistake being made is the humanizing of the worship experience.

Worship songs are being written using terms of intimacy in public worship that are not seen in any of the holy Scriptures on the subject of public worship.

I’ll tell you what, that level of intimacy between God and His “Maidens,” as seen in the “Song of Solomon” is reserved for the privacy of our own heart and life, not public worship.

The absence of properly identifying Almighty God in the words subtly changes the focus.

When the words of the song have a greater emphasis on what the worshipper feels and is experiencing than on adoration, exaltation, and worship of the Almighty, that humanizes the worship experience.

When this is combined with the subtle changes in the worship center; low house lights, spotlights on the musicians and singers, smoke and staging designed to bring the focus to the stage experience; this makes the worship entirely human-centered, not divine-centered.

Heavenly Father longs for a personal, intimate walk with each of His sons and daughters.

He greatly desires for us to know His personal love and acceptance.

He also expects us to have deep in our heart the reverence and holy awe that our heavenly Father is the absolute sovereign, almighty God who created all things and who has authority of all that exists.

That is my Father.

His Spirit in me cries out, “Abba, Father.”

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