The Normal Christian

In our church, our Pastor has once again selected an excellent book for us to study. Again, it is from Watchman Nee, but this time it is “The Normal Christian.” I love that title! He begins the book saying,

“What is the normal Christian life? We do well at the outset to ponder this question. The object of these studies is to show that it is something very different from the life of the average Christian.”

Essentially, it is a walk through Romans, primarily chapters five through eight. It has become a Christian classic that unfolds the issue of Christ our Life. Nee reveals the secret of spiritual strength and vitality that should be the normal experience for every believer. I have been refreshed by his spiritual insights on the cross and resurrection of Christ. I have long appreciated Nee’s insights, and this book another perfect example.

As one review states:

I’ve not read Watchman Nee for many years, and I’m trying to remember why. He has such a gift for explaining practical theology, theology that changes us. He explains the work of the cross, and how it can give us victory, in a way that I have never understood before. Jesus did it all, all we need for victory. Watchman explains this in an understandable way, like no-one I’ve ever read before.

It’s not necessarily an easy read, but it will be definitely worth your while. This book has been of more value to me than any other book for a number of years, although it is building upon my recent reading of Gods at War by Kyle Idleman, and Not a Fan, by the same author. I plan to read more of Watchman Nee’s books in the near future. If you’re struggling in your Christian life, trying to find a way to win, this book is for you.

Indeed, if you complete this book it will revolutionize your faith and cause you to have an even greater appreciation of Christ’s work in your life. I have told you many times that my goal in sending these Morning Messages, was to draw you closer to our Savior and for you to develop a deep and tender relationship. This book will certainly help in causing that to happen.

Nee explains:

Our old history ends with the Cross; our new history begins with the resurrection. “If any man is in Christ, he is a new creature: the old things are passed away; behold they are become new” 2 Corinthians 5:15). The Cross terminates the first creation, and out of death there is brought a new creation in Christ, the second Man. If we are “in Adam” all that is in Adam necessarily devolves upon us; it becomes ours involuntarily, for we have to do nothing to get it. There is no need to make up our minds to lose our temper or to commit some other sin; sin comes to us freely and despite ourselves. In a similar way, if we are “in Christ” all that is in Christ all that is in Christ comes to us by free grace, without effort on our part but on the ground of simple faith . . .

As we study chapters 6, 7, and 8 of Romans we shall discover that the conditions of living the normal Christian life are fourfold. They are: (a) Knowing, (b) Reckoning, (c) Presenting ourselves to God, and (d) Walking in the Spirit, and they are set forth in that order. If we would live that life we shall have to take all four of these steps; not one nor two nor three, but all four. As we study each of them we shall trust the Lord by his Holy Spirit to illumine our understanding, and we shall seek his help now to take the first big step forward.

Go to Amazon or your favorite Christian book distributor and order yourself a copy. Then purchase a few more to share with those you love the most.

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