A Search For Warriors

I woke up this morning hearing that our Father is “searching for warriors!” Yes, I am sure this means folks who can fight and are masters with their weapons. But according to the Random House Dictionary, a “warrior” refers to “a man engaged or experienced in warfare.” That certainly makes sense, but the second definition refers to “a person who shows or has shown great vigor, courage, or aggressiveness, as in politics or athletics.” (I will add. in faith). The term “warrior” is often associated with images of power, confidence, accomplishment, integrity, chivalry, honor and integrity.

All that is good, but what comes to my mind are those who never whine about their past and, never worry about the future! They don’t wait to be rescued from their current situations nor afraid of being wounded. They stand strong and willing to fight for their marriage, their family, their children and their brothers in arms.

They are more concerned about their character than their circumstances, their destiny than the detours in his life, and their legacy more than their losses. They are fighters, and would rather die with a spear in their chest than one in the back. Their motto is no retreat, no surrender.

Are you prepared to be a warrior? Or do you prefer to the spectator and watch the fighting down on the battlefield?

Doulos Studies

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