Our Engagement

On our vacation last weekend, our youngest son proposed to his girlfriend on Mackinac Island. It was a lot of fun. But, as is normal, I started thinking of spiritual comparisons. For instance, as disciples of Jesus, our present time is merely a period of engagement. We will eventually celebrate the Wedding Feast with our Lord, but at this time, we are engaged to be married to Him. Our time of engagement is a preparation for the marriage. It is a time of learning to love selflessly, to put love into the details of our lives, and to put our mate first in our lives.

Now, imagine what it would be like if a bride-to-be invited her future spouse to her house, sat him in the living room and then walked away? While he waits, she works in the kitchen, dusts the furniture, mops the floors — and never said a word to him! She goes about her life unmoved and unconcerned that her future husband was left alone.

That is what Jesus must endure. We continually praise him, say, “I love you, Lord” over and over, yet rarely show Him little or no attention! The sweetheart may claim, “Well, he’s always on my mind.” “He’s on my mind all day, in everything I do.” But you can have Him on your mind all day and still neglect Him! When a bride-to-be does this, her so-called love is a lie! She may tell her fiancé she truly loves him, but her actions tell him that her heart is far from Him.

The Lord asks, “Does a young woman forget her jewelry, or a bride her wedding gown? Yet my people have forgotten me, days without number” (Jeremiah 2:32). David also said Israel kept forgetting the Lord: “They forgot El, their savior, the one who did spectacular things in Egypt” (Psalm 106:21).

Yahweh described the pain He experienced for the whole world to see! He said openly, “My people neglect Me for days on end!” Why did the Lord tell the world about the neglect His people showed? Shouldn’t the problems that lovers’ have, remain quiet?

No — He wants us to know how hurt He is! He tells the whole world because He is so heartbroken by the way we behave!

Picture yourself as a young woman who is engaged. You arrive at church with your fiancé, holding his hand and telling everyone, “We’re going to be married! I love him — he is absolutely wonderful!” But as soon as you are out the door, you just clam up and do not say a word to him! What is he supposed to think? That it is all a show? Worse yet, after you make the announcement of your engagement, then you call up one of your old boyfriends for a dinner date . . .

Go ahead and call me a prude, but I would never want a bride who extolled my virtues, said all kinds of loving things about me in public, told everyone how precious I am, but then later gets cold and avoids spending time with me. Do you really think that is true affection?

My dear and precious friends, if you never have any quality time with Jesus every day — if you do not spend time in prayer with Him, or seek His Word — then by golly, just be honest with everyone — but mostly yourself, that you don’t love Him, you are simply breaking His heart!

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