Thoughts About the Holy Spirit

Sometimes I have the opportunity to talk about the Holy Spirit. You know, how He is the “earnest,” the “down payment” of our inheritance; how He is obtained by faith and will lead and guide us. In fact, we can know Him as our“teacher” of the Church. A few other things you should be aware of about Him is that He will never force His will on you, nor force you to follow His instructions.

His work in us is never some disjointed work, done in some haphazard way. He doesn’t exist to simply help us cope with life, or to get us through crises and see us through lonely nights. That is not His primary work. He isn’t there just to pick us up and pump in a little more strength before putting us back into the race, like an Olympian coach or something. Don’t think of him as the doting parent who “pats you on the behind” and sends you off into the world.

Everything the Holy Spirit does is related to his reason for coming — to create a bride who is prepared for her husband. Do you see that? Every action is to fulfill that mission! Yes, He is our Guide, our Teacher, our Comforter, and our Strength during our times of need. But He uses every act of deliverance — every manifestation of Himself to make us more suitable as a bride.

Nor is the Holy Spirit here to just give gifts to the Church. No, His every gift has a purpose behind it. The Holy Spirit has only one message: everything He teaches leads to one, central truth. He may shine in us like a many-splendored jewel, but every ray of truth is meant to bring us to a single truth, and it is this:

“You are not your own — you have been bought with a price. You have been chosen to be married to Christ. The Spirit of God has been sent to reveal to you the truth that will set you free from all other lovers. The Truth will break our bondage to sin and deal with all of your unbelief. For you are not of this world; you are headed to a glorious meeting with your fiancé and prepared for that special marriage supper. I want to present you spotless, with a passionate love in your heart for him.”

That’s the work of the Holy Spirit — to manifest Jesus to the Church so that we will fall in love with him and that love will keep us strong!

Doulos Studies

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