Being Positive in Our Faith

I don’t care how many times I read it, the story of Abraham simply amazes me. I’m not just talking about his being over a hundred years old and still fathering a son. I mean, that is amazing, but that’s not the only fascinating thing. It is also amazing how he waited twenty-five years for the fulfillment of the promise Yahweh gave him!

Abraham, when hope was dead within him, went on hoping in faith, believing that he would become “the father of many nations” He relied on the word of God which definitely referred to ‘your descendants.’

With undaunted faith, he looked at the facts — his own impotence (he was practically a hundred years old at the time!) and his wife Sarah’s apparent barrenness. Yet he refused to allow any distrust of a definite pronouncement of God to make him waver. [How many of us will do that?] He drew strength from his faith, and while giving the glory to God, remained absolutely convinced that God was able to implement his own promise. This was the ‘faith’ which ‘was accounted to him for righteousness’  (Romans 4:18-21)

See that? He acknowledged the physical limitations of his body, but “with undaunted faith,” he refused to allow any of it to create any “distrust of a definite pronouncement of God to make him waver.” He stood on God’s Word and “grew strength from his faith!

How about you? You may be facing some challenging problems: illness; physical difficulties; financial distress; emotional crises. Are you able to believe God “with undaunted faith?” Even if it takes twenty-five years? Imagine that! Twenty-five years expecting Him to fulfill a promise to deliver you! Yeah, yeah. You are probably saying, “Well, I never actually heard from God.” “Oh, I guess maybe God didn’t mean what He said.” Or, “I need to listen to preacher so-and-so’s tapes again! I need a fresh word from the Lord. The one I have is too old!”

Well, I’ll be honest. That passage from Paul’s letter accurately described Abraham’s faith; however, Sarai and Abraham still had difficulties holding on to that promise. There was a time when they tried on their own to get to make the promises come true.

Have you done that? Rather than wait patiently, come up with your own reasons why the promises haven’t been answered?  You start trying to answer the big “why,” and come up with your own explanation? Do you remember how Abraham and Sarai decided to resolve their problem? They agreed to have Sarah’s handmaiden, Hagar, provide them a son! In their mind, it was evident they misunderstood their God and believed that was how He would do it.  Yeah, they tried, but Yahweh let him know that He was going to make it happen, not them! If anything, their actions delayed the arrival of God’s promised child!

My friends, whenever we become impatient, we do the same thing. We take matters into our own hands. We get some “bright ideas” – plans we hope God will bless. But they don’t do any good; they only open the door for confusion and chaos to run our lives! Then we have to deal with the results, which often delays the miracle!

Picture Moses, spending all that time receiving the Torah that Yahweh wrote in stone, walking down the “mountain of God,” and seeing how the people (along with his own brother!) worshiping some idols!Moses threw those stone tablets that the Lord spent so much time writing, and smashed them on the ground! Whoa!  Sure, we can understand Moses’ anger, but we have to remember that Yahweh was also pretty angry about it. (And frankly, that alarms me more than Moses’ anger!)

So, Moses had to go back up Mount Sinai and go through the whole process of receiving the Torah again. Yeah, Moses may have enjoyed a momentary emotional release with his angry reaction, but it cost him a lot of extra work. This is a good lesson for us. We must first pray, then agree with God’s plan, not plan and then pray that He will bless our plan.

Let’s be honest; it is often difficult to believe God and hold on year after year after year.  Yeah, that’s not new to many of you, is it? Over the years, I have heard many sad stories, and I always try to encourage folks to be positive and upbeat. Yes, some will listen to my encouragement, nod, maybe even smile, but then they say the most negative word possible: “But . . .” Man, oh man! That single word negates everything I had shared. That is not the spirit Abraham had!

The Bible presents many promises; we see many passages filled with hope and even encouragement. The Scriptures promise good to those who serve Him. Despite whatever adversity we face – and yes, some of us are facing absolutely terrible situations – the Lord still promises good things. Our sense of what is right, however, may not be the same as God’s sense of what is right. It is possible that immediately receiving what we want may not be best for us! It is sometimes hard to accept, but waiting is often the best thing because it will develop His character in us.

Sure, we can remain patient and maintain our faith in our Father’s care, or we can sit back and allow our enemy to whisper his thoughts, ideas, and suggestions in our minds. The choice is yours to make.

Too many of us have ignored the fact that Yahweh is the One who creates our miracles! He specializes in doing the impossible! Think about it: He provided a son to an old couple; He opened a Sea to allow His people to walk across on dry land; He destroyed a giant with a single stone from a slingshot. Those are miracles. That’s the Holy Spirit at work, defying the laws of nature (He made the laws, so He can break them).

Hebrews 11 is a chapter about faith and the people of God who dared to believe the promises:

“But without faith, it is impossible to please and be satisfactory to Him. For whoever would come near to God must [necessarily] believe that God exists and that He is the rewarder of those who earnestly and diligently seek Him [out].” (Hebrews 11:6)

Hallelujah! It is so easy to see how our enemy creeps in. He says to us, “Yes, that’s true. Those were special people. You are nobody. God won’t do anything special for you. Why should He?”

That is a lie – and one that far too many believers, to easily accept. God loves each of us, and the Bible says He is our Father. Any good father loves to do good things for his children. And He wants to do good things for you!

Sincerely, you need to expect a miracle in your life. Not just one, begin to expect many miracles.

Confident belief in God’s promises brings good results because He rewards those who earnestly seek him! Refuse to give up, and you will see the result of your confidence in Him.

Father, forgive my lack of belief. Forgive me for allowing deceptiong to enslave me and make me think I’m worthless or unworthy of Your miracles. I am worthy because You made me worthy. You are the God of the impossible, and I ask You to help me wait on your faithfulness.

You are the God of the impossible, and I ask You to help me wait on You and never give up. In the name of Jesus Christ my Lord, I pray. Amen.

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