Prepare For a Mighty Church!

Today, American churches are a long way from what our Lord has planned for it to be! Look, and you find entire denominations functioning without any guidance from the Holy Spirit. They lack the presence of Jesus and are bankrupt of any spiritual gifts. Every week, they gather and present a form of religion without any power; conviction; repentance; pursuit of Holiness. Instead of challenging and defeating the sin in their midst, they are embracing it; excusing it and even encouraging it. There are no messages of Redemption and Salvation.

Believers have become too comfortable with the world and have become more political than spiritual. Preachers don’t rebuke sin; they appease it! They wink at divorce and ridicule the supernatural, while they ignore all passage concerning heaven, hell, repentance and judgment.

The Church used to make devils tremble and to pray for prison doors to open; to release those captured and enslaved by their sin! The Church is expected to possess such faith and power that anyone who is debilitated by their sin would rise and live victoriously! We need to wake up to the power of our Redemption and be over-comers; examples to the rest of the world of what the Spirit of God can do in a person’s life! We need believers who embrace the supernatural and open blind eyes and heal every disease!

The Church in the last days won’t be just like the first-century church. No, that would be a foolish thought. What I want to promise is that the Church will be much grander than the Early Church! That’s right; it will be stronger, more gifted, mightier and possess a superior Revelation of Jesus!

The Latter-Day Church will possess an urgent drive and ambition that originates from the Spirit of God; more significant even than we read about happening during the original Pentecost! Our Lord always saves His best wine for last!

Think about Daniel. He confirms exactly that!. He prophesied specific truths that would occur in the last days:

“These words are to be kept secret and sealed until the end times . . . all of those who are evil will continue being evil and will never understand. Only the wise will understand!” (Daniel 12:9-10).

Today, the Holy Spirit is opening the understanding of these things to those who are spiritual and discerning!

The Scriptures say:

“What God has planned
    for people who love him
is more than eyes have seen
    or ears have heard.
It has never even
    entered our minds!”

God’s Spirit has shown you everything. His Spirit finds out everything, even what is deep in the mind of God” (I Corinthians 2:9-10).

My friends, be prepared because the Spirit of God is forming a powerful yet humble army of shepherds who are after His own heart who will, in turn, Pastor congregations of hungry sheep who will turn away from the sin of the modern church. Very soon we will see a church which will be hot, not lukewarm — it will rock the very foundations of hell. There won’t be a single power on earth that will be unable to ignore its influence or hold any disdain or disfavor against it!

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