The Spirit’s Work

A.W.Tozer wrote, “Thirsty hearts are those whose longings have been wakened by the touch of God within them.”

I had read that and began to realize that many of us begin our walk of faith with hearts that are “Thirsty” and “Longing” for something more than an average “church experience.” It becomes a deep yearning, but at some point in our spiritual lives, we reach a period where nothing satisfies anymore. After we have heard all the tapes; read all the books; attended all the conferences we could possibly stomach, we realize that none of it satisfies the hunger deep inside anymore.

I sometimes thought I was alone in this pursuit (oh how vain of me). Then I read the words from John Eldridge’s book, Sacred Romance:

“Some years into our spiritual journey, after the waves of anticipation that mark the beginning of any pilgrimage have begun to ebb into life’s middle years of service and busyness, a voice speaks to us in the midst of all we are doing. There is something missing in all of this, it suggests. There is something more.

“We sense a passion deep within that threatens a total disregard for the program we are living; it feels reckless, wild. Unsettled, we turn and walk quickly away, like a woman who feels more than she wants to when her eyes meet those of a man not her husband.”

I don’t know if you ever stopped and thought about this, but the Holy Spirit is the one drawing you into this deep relationship. But then you look at the condition of your life, or your experience with His work so far, and you are wondering whether He honestly knows what he is doing?

Well, as far as I can tell, he doesn’t perform this work in us in some disjointed, haphazard way. He doesn’t exist to merely help us cope with life, to get us through some crisis and to see us through lonely nights. No, He isn’t there to just pick us up and pump in a little more strength before putting us back into the race.

I assure you that everything the Holy Spirit does is related to His reason for coming — to bring us home as a prepared bride. The other day I told you about Abraham’s servant Eliezer, and how Abe sent Eliezer out to find a bride for his son Isaac. Well, the Holy Spirit acts in keeping with that same mission: to bring you to your Messiah to be his Bride! Yes, he is our Guide, our Comforter, our Strength in time of need. But He uses every act of deliverance — every manifestation of himself in us — to make us more suitable as the Lord’s bride.

Nor does the Holy Spirit merely give gifts to the world. No, every gift has a purpose behind it. The Holy Spirit has only one message: everything He teaches leads to one central truth. He may shine in us like a many-splendored jewel, but every ray of truth is meant to bring us to a single reality, and it is this:

“You are not your own — you have been bought with a price. You have been chosen to be wed to Christ. And I (the Spirit of God) have been sent to reveal to you the truth that will set you free from all other loves. The truth will break every bondage to sin and deal with all unbelief. You are no longer of this world—the systems of this world no longer own you; you are headed for a glorious meeting with the One you are promised to and are being prepared for his marriage supper. Everything is now ready and I am preparing you! I want to present you spotless, with a passionate love in your heart for him.”

That’s the work of the Holy Spirit — to manifest Jesus to the church so that we will fall in love with Him. And that love will keep us strong and encouraged!

Come Holy Spirit and continue to work in my heart to prepare me for my union with my Lover. Like the tender Shulamite Maiden, I cry, “Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth” (Song 1:2).

Oh, Father, I am not looking for a kiss on the neck or the forehead like the father gave to the prodigal son. Nor am I asking for a kiss on the feet like that of Mary. No Father, this is my cry for you to express the most intimate and personal love possible: Kiss me with the kisses of your mouth” (Song 1:2).

Answer me like you did Moses when you said, “I will do the very thing you have asked, because I am pleased with you and I know you by name.” And like Moses, I ask of you, “Show me your Glory!” (Exodus 33:17-19)

Doulos Studies

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