Rediscovering the “Reason for the Season”

I don’t know why, but the last many Christmas’ it seems kids (even adults) have forgotten the TRUE reason for the Christmas season. Let’s be honest, Christmas is the season for giving gifts. And it makes perfect sense that we give gifts to those we love because Christmas is really the celebration of our Father’s Gift to those He loves — His perfect Gift of Jesus to you and me!

There was a time whenever someone asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I would suggest that they give the present to Jesus, not me. I figured it was His birthday we were celebrating, so, the presents should go to Him! Now, the normal response would be, “What present could that possibly be?” Well, we could give Him the gift of doing for others what He would do for them! Huh? Look in Matthew’s Gospel and you find a long list of things:

“'[W]hen did we see you hungry and give you food? When did we see you thirsty and give you something to drink? When did we see you lonely and make you welcome, or see you naked and clothe you, or see you ill or in prison and go to see you’

“Oh, that’s easy, whatever you did for the humblest of my brothers you did for me!’”

The answer seemed obvious. Give funds to someone in need or an organization that was involved in meeting those needs! You know, the Salvation Army; Pregnancy Counseling Centers; local Homeless Ministries (and I would provide a list of several different ministries I was familiar with); “Soup Kitchens.” And the list went on.

I am just wondering how we got in the habit of trying to shower our kids (and now, our grandkids) with presents? Presents they may have used Christmas Day, but were later discarded or forgotten.

One friend fills their entire Living Room with presents! Throughout the year the mother would purchase things on sale and save them for Christmas. When the day approached, she would wrap them up and on Christmas Eve, put them out.

Tell me, how in the world can the kids learn the value all of those gifts? They must have been overwhelmed! Have they ever gone without? As she explained in her defense, because she grew up neglected and ignored, she swore her kids would never have to go without! The problem with that is the kids will never learn to appreciate the value of giving.

No, instead of showering our kids with more than they could ever play with – and risk going into debt paying for them – and never teaching them the joy of honoring our Lord, we need to return to celebrating Him!

How about you? Can your family learn to live within reasonable limits? Or, can you learn to live with reasonable limits? Have you lost a sense of what Christmas is all about? Can you help to return Jesus to be the Reason for the Season?

Doulos Studies

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