Silly and Stupid Arguments

Hey, after (and during) our past (and current) Political arena, many believers have increasingly separated themselves from other brother and sister of faith. This should never be allowed to happen!

When we do that, we are allowing the true enemy of the Church to have his way with us. He has been using us to tear ourselves apart. Shame on us! Now, I am as guilty as many of you. I can argue, I mean, debate the issues with the best of ’em, but is that really what we should be doing?

No! As disciples of our Savior, we should, as Paul instructed his “son” Tim:,

“Turn your back on the turbulent desires of youth and give your positive attention to goodness, faith, love and peace in company with all those who approach God in sincerity. Have nothing to do with silly and ill-informed controversies (or as other translations render it: ill-informed, unedifying, stupid arguments!) which lead inevitably, as you know, to strife” (II Timothy 2:23-24)

Here we are children of the God of Creation; brothers and sisters of our common faith, and allowing the devil to smile approvingly! He is using us to advance his agenda! How does that make you feel?

Paul went on to tell Tim:

“A servant of the Lord [is that you?] must never quarrel. Instead, he must be kind to everyone. He must be a good teacher [and the Greek implies teachable]. he must have patience and the ability gently to correct those who oppose his message. He must always bear in mind the possibility that God will give them a different outlook, and that they may come to know the truth. They may come to their senses and be rescued from the power of the devil by the servant of the Lord and set to work for God’s purposes (II Timothy 2:25-26

Interestingly, the RSV renders verses 25 and 26 as, “correcting his opponents with gentleness. God may perhaps grant that they will repent and come to know the truth, and [now here it is] they may escape from the snare of the devil, after being captured by him to do his will.” Ah-ha! So the satan can use a Christian to do his will? Interesting, isn’t it?

And what did Jesus say was the satan’s desire? “To steal, kill, and destroy!” That about sums it up, don’t you think? Oh, wait! Jesus went on to say, “I have come so you could have Life! Yes? And, that, more abundantly!

Look, I am not “cursing the darkness,” nor do I want to give our enemy more credit than is due. I mean “greater is the one in me than the one in the world!” But here’s the thing; Jesus came to provide us with eternal life. That doesn’t mean that we can live a long time. No, the Greek Word used here is Zoe! That is the very life and nature of Yahweh Himself!

So, there is no reason for us to cower and hide! Nor should we bow our knee and continue with the petty discussions and arguments. Do any of things we are arguing about, even many of the doctrinal issues we fight about, provide our Salvation? We may disagree about the Rapture! Okay, so what. Does our Salvation hinge on having the correct answer on the issue of the rapture? No! Or, for that sake, does it weaken or take our Salvation away?

These are the things we need to consider the next time someone wants to pull your chain!

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