Hopeful Anticipations

Not long ago, Joyce Meyer shared an excellent message on why many of us are feeling defeated all of the time. One point she made is that we need to begin believing, anticipating, hoping and expecting a better life. Essentially, that is a sense of hope! Think about it, a confident expectation of better things occurring in our lives will give us that needed a boost!

That is much different from the way most of think. Our attitudes are normally quite passive. We decide thing with a “wait and see” perspective. We simply hope something will change or just happen to go well for us. But you see, our Father requires us to expect good things to occur. He wants us to actively anticipate something good.

So, let me ask you, how are you talking about your future? What kind of attitude do you have? When you wake up each morning, do you say, Well, I guess I’ll try to make it through another day?. Or do you wake up anticipating that today might be the day you receive your breakthrough?

Whenever a woman is pregnant, we always say that she is “expecting.” And, as the pregnancy progresses her anticipation increases (well, most of the time). That my friends, is how our Father expects us to be with Him! He has an incredible plan for your life and He wants you to anticipate Him the wonderful things He will do in your life! He is the God of the impossible, and great things are going to happen in your life!

Have you endured a long history of pain and disappointment? Has it almost stifled any sense of hope that it can improve? That is what our enemy is whispering in your ear. He is attempting to convince you that things will never change. But our Father majors in hopeful events, new beginnings and second chances! His desire is for you to know that He loves you and knows what it will take to fill you with overflowing hope and joy!

Doulos Studies

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