Blink or Think?

I, like many of you, read my Bible all the time. In fact, almost every day! In my eyes, it is my Father’s living and revealed Word for my life! The principals I learn governs and guides every move, every decision, I make. All throughout the Scriptures, I read about generations who actually heard Yahweh’s voice. They read about YHWH speaking to his people again and again, with this phrase repeated time after time: “And God said . . .” Yet many of these same Christians live as though He doesn’t speak to His people today.

Sadly, there are all kinds of believers who make their own decision and never pray or consult the Word of God. They never search the Scriptures to seek to understand. In fact, they are missing all joy and equipment that is available from our relationship with the awesome God of Creation! Many believers simply decide what they want to do and then ask the Lord to validate it. They move ahead with their plans and their only prayer is, “Lord, if this is not your will, then stop me.” What fools! Oh, I sorry. How unfortunate.

Dear god, what are we doing? I continually send out messages to encourage you and to strengthen your faith. I encourage you to let go of your self-sufficiency. We are living in a time when everyone wants an immediate solution to all of their problems. We think we live in an episode of a TV show and the solution comes in 60 minutes!

But, since those answers don’t come as quickly as we want, we decide to make major decisions in the blink-of-an-eyeSeveral years ago there was a best-selling book written to encourage this concept. It was quite appropriately entitled, “Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking.” The author’s theory was that we should, “Trust your instincts. Blink-of-the-eye decisions prove to be the best.”

Then a year later, another book came out arguing against such a concept. It was entitled, “Think: Why Crucial Decisions Can’t Be Made in the Blink-of-an-Eye.” The book said, “If bestselling books are advising us to not think, it comes as no surprise that sharp, incisive reasoning has become a lost art . . .”) Wow! How confusing is that? Which one should we follow?

There is something in our culture that is forcing us to “Choose first, think about it later.” Think about all the hurried-up “blink-language” we hear: “This is an offer of the century. You can make a bundle overnight. But you have only a short window of opportunity. Get on it now!” “This price is only good for today . . .” “But there’s more! If you call now we’ll give you . . .”

The spirit driving  it all is, “Blink, blink, blink!” Car salesmen are notorious on the pressure sale: “Well what would keep you from owning this car today? If you signed today, I could give it to for ______, but I can’t guarantee the car will be here tomorrow . . .” I spent a couple years in New Car sales and let me give a hint that I guarantee will work every time you follow it: Any time you hear that pressure line, simply tell them, “Okay . . . no!” If they insist on an immediate answer, give it to them: “No!” If you don’t have time to consider it, time to pray about it, time to balance the pros-and-cons, it would be best for you to walk away from the deal! Honest. NEVER become involved with any purchase! Walk away from it; pray; consider the purchase, then if you sense a peace about it go back. I can almost guarantee the same deal can be made!

A few years ago that was the standard view for most Christians. They would say, “Did you pray about this matter?” “Have you sought the Lord concerning it?” “Are your brothers and sisters surrounding you in prayer?” “Have you received godly counsel?

That is the way it should be! Is this what you have been doing? In the past year, how many important decisions have you made where you honestly took the issue to the Lord and sincerely prayed then waited for the peace to come? When was the last time you shared your concern with another brother and sisters so each of you can pray about it? Have you gone to your spiritual leader and asked for their counsel? How many of those decisions did you make “in the blink-of-an-eye”?

The reason our Lord wants full control of our lives is to save us from disasters — which is exactly where most of our “blink-decisions” end up!  Please don’t get me wrong, there are times when an instant-decision is needed. Like when someone is in danger and you must react instantly. Those events to occur. But if you have been spending your time communing with the Lord, you won’t have to wait. You will have your answer immediately!

I am serious, there are times when you are walking with the Lord, tuned to His Spirit and when you are faced with a decision you will “know” (with no explanation as to how you “know,” but you will have that answer immediately). This does (and should) happen! I could give you several examples of where this has occurred in my own life. When Solomon was given the overwhelming task of ruling the Lord’s people, his only request was, “Give me wisdom and knowledge . . .” We need to do that every day!

Father, I fully recognize you as the source of my understanding and wisdom. I run to you for counsel and direction. I trust your guidance certainly above my own, but I recognize that sometimes I also need to seek your support and guidance of my brothers and sisters as you inspire them.

Please continue to guide and direct my steps. Whether it is through your Word, through your “mouthpieces,” or directly through your Spirit. I commit myself to always bring my decisions — big or small — to you first. You are my Lord and I follow only your guidance. I hear only your voice and listen to only your wisdom.

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