A Time For Change

Friends, as we look around, read the current news, scan sites online, there is no doubt that our world is in utter chaos. There is tremendous shaking; political turmoil; some are praising our President and others are bashing him; even within churches, we have divisions and strife. It is outrageous!

Please, I want to encourage all of us to turn off our TVs; shut down our use of the internet; quit visiting Facebook, Twitter, and all of the social media out there. Turn off our cells phones. I am serious. We need to turn our backs on those things and begin to refocus our attention on the only thing that matters anymore. That is our relationship with our Heavenly Father.

In the midst of our chaos, we need to return to our times in prayer. Just get alone with Him and call on Him to bring peace into our lives. I encourage each of us to worship Him:

“Father, you are so awesome! No one is like you; you alone are God; you are a Great King, My Master and the Love of my life.”

Begin to renew your heart; renew your mind; reset your priorities. Get back into the Word. Allow it to govern your life, again. Allow the Words of Life to so impact you, so influence you that they restore what you have lost.

Afterward, as you view this world and the political turmoil. and you will see it with “new eyes.” You will see the world through the eyes of your faith and realize that the world is in its final throes of childbirth; a hard and painful struggle. The world that we exist in is being purged, judged and cleansed. The Church will begin to flourish and nothing will be able to stand against it.

Doulos Studies

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One Response to A Time For Change

  1. so true, brother………..darkness is trying so hard to blow out the LIGHT…..wake up folks


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