Scars That Have Shaped Me

My friends, I found a book you have to read. I haven’t had any book (other than the Scriptures) that has encouraged and strengthened me as much, since I read “Abba’s Child: The Cry of the Heart for Intimate Belonging,” from Brenning Manning.

As the author states, “I’ve long despised my scars. I have spent much of my life hiding them, keeping my legs covered [deformed by polio and twenty-one ensuing operations] as much as possible. My scars told me that I wasn’t like everyone else. They told me I was unattractive, an oddity, a bit of a freak. They were rather deficiencies to hide, reminding me daily of my flaws — reminding me I was damaged”

As Risner admits, “[H]iding my scars was natural. That way, no one could see how imperfect I was. That way, I could look more normal. That way, I wouldn’t be humiliated. My scars were simply jagged reminders of my pain.” I don’t know what “scars” you may be hiding, but I offer this book to you for a personal healing. Read it slowly and prayerfully.


For, the author writes, “As I considered these truths [that she found in the Scriptures], something stirred in me. My scars are significant and precious. I shouldn’t keep hiding them. I am recognizable by them; they make me unique. They are an integral part of who I am. They show that, through Christ, I am a conqueror — that I have suffered and, by the power of the Holy Spirit, have overcome. My scars remind me that God is sufficient and that physical perfection is not our goal. A life lived to God’s glory is infinitely more valuable.”

My friends, each of us carries around scars of some kind. They can certainly be physical scars, such as Vaneetha Risner experienced. But more than likely, they are emotional or mental scars from our childhood or from bad relationships we experienced or many other ways. The cause doesn’t matter. To paraphrase something Risner wrote: “[I]n the end, God will take our griefs and turn them into something beautiful. He will indeed make our griefs to sing!” Through the work of the Holy Spirit and the Transcendent Grace of our Father, complete healing can come. As I often remind you, Ed Cole used to say, “Yesterday’s dung can be tomorrow’s fertilizer!” Think about that and grow!

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