Where Are You?

Do you remember what Paul instructed us to?

“Examine yourselves to see whether you are still in the Christian faith? Test yourselves!” (II Corinthians 13:5).

It really isn’t that difficult to test ourselves. All we have to do is look at times when we have absolutely nothing to do. What do we do? On our day off (even if it is extremely rare), where do we go? When we wake-up, where are our thoughts? What are our plans for the day? Who do we feel more comfortable with? When we are sitting all alone, where do our thoughts take us? When we are completely free from the pressure of work or school, what do we think about?

That is how we examine ourselves! How we answer those questions will tell us more about ourselves than we probably want to know. It has been said that the important thing is not where we go when we are required to go, it is where you go when we can choose where to go! Think of it this way: most of us don’t choose to go to work, for most of us, that is something we must do. However, when the choice is in your hands, where do you go? Guys, do you spend your time viewing porn online? When you are out of town, all by yourself, what do you do? For guys who have been involved in adulterous relationships, did you ever considered why you were involved in the adultery? If you gave your wife the same respect, the same consideration, the same attention you were giving that other woman, would you have still been drawn to someone else?

Let’s pretend it is Sunday morning (or Saturday, for those who honor the Sabbath day). Where are you going to be? If you are scheduled to work or ill, then we already know. But other than work, where will you be? On the golf course? Sleeping? Shopping? Running errands? Or will you be going to church? Your answer tells you a lot.

Now, if you are going to work, that is required. However, if you go golfing, or shopping, or sleeping, or going to church, those are all voluntary. Our choices reveal where our heart is. Choices always do . . . I am reminded what the Psalmist said:

I have chosen a life of truth and faithfulness.
    I have set your regulations in front of me.
I have clung tightly to your written instructions.
    O Yahweh, do not let me be put to shame (Psalm 119:30-31)

How you respond to those questions I asked will tell you more about yourself than those personal questionnaires you can find online. In fact, your answers will tell you more than you are probably comfortable with. However, we are running out of time, so you need to find your answers.

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