The Power to Do!

In the twenty-fourth chapter of Luke’s Gospel, we read about a time when Jesus’ disciples were hanging around. This was after Jesus had been crucified. Some of the others were even talking about Jesus being raised from the dead! Holy Moly! That must have been quite the conversation, don’t you think?

However, while they were taking, Jesus showed up in front of them! Whoa! As you can imagine, they were pretty shaken. Most translations say they were “frightened and terrified.” I can imagine they were. Oh, don’t get so holy on me. It would have freaked you out, too! I mean, those disciples thought they were seeing a ghost! But, Jesus looked and them and said, “Dudes! Why are you afraid?”


“I’m serious, guys. Why do you have doubts? Go ahead, look at my hands and feet, and see that it is really me. Touch me, and see for yourselves! Ghosts don’t have flesh and bones, but you can see that I do.”

As he said this, he showed them his hands and feet. “Wow!”

Then we are told that the disciples were “overwhelmed with joy and amazement because this seemed too good to be true!” (Luke 24:36-41)

Jesus talked to them for awhile, but just before He left he added:

I will send you the one my Father has promised, but you must stay in the city until you are given power from heaven (Luke 24:49)

Whoa! Now, the disciples were to hang around Jerusalem so they could receive the Holy Spirit (what they were promised). But when that Holy Spirit arrived, He would bring them “Power!”

Ah yes! That is what they (and we) needed. A great definition of the word “power” means the ability to do. I say that because it is the Greek word that has been translated into our English word “dynamite.”

Now, some will teach you that the Holy Spirit is dynamite. But that can’t be. They are putting the whole thing upside down. Dynamite was named after that Greek word, and the Holy Spirit and the power of God were not named after dynamite. Dynamite was discovered less than 200 years ago, but this Greek word from which we get our word “power” goes back to the time of Christ. It means “ability to do” — that is all, just “ability to do.”

Anyone can pick up a guitar and start strumming it. But they won’t get anything out of it but a bunch of horrible noise! That’s because they don’t have any ability to do. To play that guitar. However, if my pastor picks up the guitar, he will be playing beautiful, rich, rhythmic blues! Or, one man puts on a pair of boxing gloves, steps into the ring and gets the snot knocked out of him (or killed. You choose). Although, another person puts on the gloves and walks into the ring and, WHAM! he is Rocky Balboa! One is a wimp and one has the power to do; one fellow is dancing around doing a victory dance, while the other one is lying in the hospital.

The guy with the ability to do is the one who wins. It is through this power that I walked free of cigarettes. I have seen others walk free of alcohol and others overcome food addictions. Anyone who receives this dynamic power has the ability to fulfill what they are called to do! If you are willing to receive the ability to do, it will come on you! Simply ask the Holy Spirit to empower you! You don’t need any special anointing or music in the background. Just ask and receive.

Father, I am not afraid of this all-important manifestation of Your Spirit! I am open to receive it.

Holy Spirit, come into my life and bring that “Power to do” in my life. Let me see Your power at work in my life today. Amen.

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