Is It True . . . or Not?

I don’t know what is happening in your life; your family concerns; of course your financial concerns, but I do know nothing is going to change your life without the Scriptures! I have seen alcoholics and addicts get their lives cleaned because they started reading the Bible. I have seen God’s Word change self-centered, narcissistic men who abused and misused women into godly husbands, wonderful dads, and outstanding brothers in Christ.

Currently, our nation is crying out for laws against guns, but there is no law that men can write that will change the hearts of any troubled mind. If I believed they could, I would no longer be sending out messages like this, and I would become a politician!

Look, I don’t have any confidence in politics to actually change the greatest problems on the planet. The politicians can write laws against racism and bigotry, but none of them will turn a racist into some who loves other races. That will only be done when the Holy Spirit is allowed to work in someone’s heart!

In the eighth chapter of John’s Gospel, we read:

“If you live by what I say, you are truly my disciples. You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:31-32).

People are always quoting that last part of the verse: “The truth shall make you free.” But what truth? Your truth? The truth from one of your favorite website? Maybe one of your favorite philosophers? That’s nice, but what about the first part of the verse? You know, where Jesus said, “If you live by what I say, you are truly my disciple“?

What I am saying is that regardless of your great wisdom and insight, your own opinions will never set you free. The freedom each of us needs will only be found in the Scriptures! From personal experience, I can assure you that even during the times when obeying the Scripture will be difficult, you will be set free!

I can bet that many of you read things online. You “surf” around the internet looking at various sites. But, while you visit those sites, do you believe everything you read online? Of course not! Do you believe everything you watch on tv? I hope not. I hope you are like the Thermians watching the “Historical Documents.” (You have to have seen Galaxy Quest to understand that).

Oh, wait! Do you believe everything you read in the newspaper and in People magazine? No? Then why do we spend more time reading and watching what we know is a lie than reading what we know is the truth?

The fundamental question each of us must face in our life is what will be our authority? Is it going to be God’s Word or the world? Will it be what God says is true, or your friend’s opinion? You better decide that pretty soon, because very soon, you may be faced with a situation that requires you to decide.

Now, if the Bible isn’t infallible, inerrant, and flawless, you will be in a heap of trouble. The Bible tells us how we can be saved. It tells us that our life isn’t an accident. The Bible tells us how to be forgiven. It tells us how God can use us for good in the world. But more importantly, if the Bible isn’t true — absolutely true — then sadly, our life is pointless.

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