A Common Mistake

For years I have witnessed a terrible tendency in many of the churches I have been involved with. Let me explain. I have seen times when the Holy Spirit would give the leaders a new revelation of something; a new aspect of ministry; a new avenue for outreach or community living. All of it was truly something the Holy Spirit was involved with, but for some reason, the leaders took that new revelation and began to over-organize and to implement their own ideas to make, what the Spirit gave them, work in their church.

That’s right, instead of allowing the Holy Spirit to guide them, to take the lead, they began to read what other churches who accomplished great things implement and attempt to copy their work. “Hey, why not? It worked for them, it should work for us!”

Look, in many cases, we look at the success some church has, and presume that it was Spirit-birthed. That may not be true!  I am not against organizing things, it’s just that I have seen too many churches being over-organized, of maintaining a top-heavy approach to something that began as a work of the Holy Spirit. When they did this, things became really screwed up.

I am not against organizing things, everything must have some kind of order to it. I mean, shoot, art is organized beauty; music is organized sound; philosophy is organized thought; science is organized knowledge; government is merely society organized. And what is the true church of Christ but an organized mystery, right? See, I am not against things being organized, it’s just that I have seen churches fall apart because of too much organization (yes, I have seen churches fail from not enough organization, but that is not the norm).

The better part of wisdom will tell you to avoid both extremes. Someone who is suffering from high blood pressure can die just as easily as from having low blood pressure. It doesn’t really matter, does it? He is dead either way. Within Church organization, the important thing is to discover what I call, the Scriptural Balance, between two extremes and avoid both. Does that make sense? And, how do we avoid such extremes? Praying about it and allowing the Holy Spirit to direct, what He has inspired us to do.

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