Prayer and Worship

Contrary to what some believe, there are some great churches out there. They gather together, have a time of worship and prayer, serve the poor, reach out to those in need. I mean, they are truly focused on our Lord’s purpose and intention for The Church. As the early Church declared, “We spend our time praying and serving God . . .” (Acts 6:4).

Some have beautiful sanctuaries, and others meet in storefronts. Some even meet in homes! But, with all of the wonderful things that are occurring, there seems to be a drastic need to learn how to worship.

I remember that in the early days of my faith, I truly believed that the most important aspect of the Sunday service was the preaching/teaching of God’s Word! I believed this so much so that I would occasionally show up late just so I could skip that boring “worship” time and get right to the Word! This was especially true when there was a guest preacher. Other times when I would drive an hour to Lester Sumrall‘s church in South Bend, Indiana when I heard he was having a special speaker.

Yeah, I grew out of that and began to drew closer to my Father and learned how much I loved Him, but also how important it is that we worship Him. Before, I had no desire for worship, but now it is my greatest joy!

But in our modern churches, we can find some who have no spiritual joy and never show up for the church prayer meetings, but are amazing, serving on the church boards and making the decisions about the church!

Or, some churches of “worship leaders,” who are good musicians but have absolutely no knowledge or experience of a “spiritual” life. You know, hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit, recognizing His voice and guidance. This should never occur!

This is confusing for me. I mean, it seems to be incongruous that we can have folks who never pray (and certainly don’t worship) making decisions for the churches and ultimately determining the direction our churches take! Odd.

This is why some of the churches out there are spinning their wheels but are not growing. If we want our Lord’s purpose for the churches to be accomplished, we need our churches run, not by administrators, but by people who know how to pray and worship! These are the most important gifts within our lives and our Churches!

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