An Observation from “My Utmost For His Highest”

In the early days of our faith, we really didn’t know anything. We had heard about the Lord and came running. But we were like children. Impetuous, naïve, unsophisticated, innocent, preoccupied. Can you think of other superlatives? Well, I am sure you get my point. We were new to our faith and we may have been wide-eyed and excited . . . but we were also impatient and resistant to a lot of change.

But if Jesus called us to “Stay and keep watch with me” (Matthew 26:38), which would be a call of intimacy, we would have no idea what He was asking us to do. We never wanted to watch with Jesus, we wanted to Evangelize the world for Him, not sit and “wait with Him.” No, no, no. We wanted action and excitement!

Sadly, for many of us, we never grew up. We never learned to sit back and bask in His presence. Pray, commune, fellowship. But our Lord is calling us to “be still, and know that I am Lord.”

Let go of your concerns!
    Then you will know that I am Elohim.
        I rule the nations.
        I rule the earth (Psalm 46:10)

The Hebrew definition of that verse is actually calling us to stop being to busy, to just relax and surrender to His care, His love, the sweetness of His presence. Many of us have never learned that. We have never learned to calm down and “watch with” our Lord. I guess we know better than He does.

We are so involved with the circumstances of our lives, that we don’t hear His Voice. He is calling us to fellowship with Him through our “Gethsemane” experience. But, we turn a blind eye and refuse to go with Him. “Nope, I don’t have time. I have no idea why this is happening in my life and it has become very painful and frustrating!”

Jackie Trottmann asks:

How often do we ask God for everything, but we don’t stop to listen or to be still? The act of being still and getting quiet becomes more of a challenge in our hectic world. The world asks us to be busy. God asks us to be still so that we can receive love, peace, and guidance.

Now, wait. I understand that, but let me ask you, do you understand what he is doing in your life? All these years you have expected Him to “watch with you.” But now, He is calling you to “watch with Him“! Ahh, did that get your attention? He is calling you to fully wait with Him.

Oswald Chambers stated:

“They were all filled with the Holy Spirit . . .” (Acts 2:4). “They” refers to the same people [who ran and deserted Jesus], but something wonderful has happened between our Lord’s death, resurrection, and ascension — and the disciples [being] invaded and “filled with the Holy Spirit.” Our Lord had said, “You shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you . . .” (Acts 1:8). This meant that they learned to watch with Him the rest of their lives

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