Making Decisions

I have shared this many times, and recently, even posted it Facebook! But it is a rule I have followed since my early years of faith and I hope it will help those of you who are faced with making a decision. It is found in Colossians 3:15:

“[L]et the peace which comes from Christ rule! Let it act as umpire continually deciding and settling WITH FINALITY all questions that arise in your minds”

That comes from the Amplified Version and has governed every decision I have ever made. And it means that you must determine what brings the greatest peace. No, it won’t always be the easiest decision, but it will be the best decision!

When I was pastoring, people often asked me to make a decision for them, such as who they should marry; should they reduce their class load; should they move back home . . . hey, it would be tremendously inappropriate for me to make the decisions. That is something only they could decide!

Now, when I speak of allowing the “Peace to rule,” I am talking about that “fuzzy, warm, quiet ‘sense” you get whenever you mention the answer to your question! Simply follow what gives you the greatest peace and you will never go astray.

I am serious about that. Sometimes, we may think about a decision we have to make, or maybe it is something you want to say, but deep in your heart your spirit is saying, “Ah, I don’t think so . . .” follow THAT! Then again, every time you picture that decison you “sense” all warm and fuzzy inside. Follow THAT!

I love that phrase from Paul, “Let the peace RULE and act as an UMPIRE. Deciding and settling EVERYTHING that comes to mind.”

Think of a sports game. Soccer, or here in the U.S. baseball. Something occurs and an umpire must step in and makes a final decision. That is what the Peace that comes from Christ does!

I hope that help some others of you.

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