Who Is Praying?

I have heard it said that, in our churches, women do most (if not all) the praying and that men are left to run the churches. First, I don’t necessarily agree with that sentiment. However, if it is true, I argue that if Men don’t pray, they shouldn’t be involved in guiding anything within the church! Oh, not just men, this goes for women, as well!

As I remember it, anyone who accepts responsibility for needs within the Church, “must be well-respected and endowed by the Spirit with exceptional wisdom.” (Acts 6:3) And that is only accomplished through prayer!

Leadership requires vision, and where does vision come from? It comes from spending time in the presence of God with humble and fervent prayer! Anyone who spends time in prayer will know the will of God for their church. Don’t put people in leadership simply because they dress nicely or are successful business owners. The only thing you should notice is they are “well-respected and endowed by the Spirit with exceptional wisdom.” (Act 6:3)

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