The Day of My Birth

August third was the anniversary of the marvelous day I was born. lol. When I say this, most people (who are outside of true understanding, lol) will roll their eyes. But, I always want my words to actually “mean” what they mean! I tell people I plan to “stand under a shower of water and shampoo my hair and wash my body.” It would be erroneous to say, “I will shower.” I don’t actually shower, do I? No, the water does. I am not a “Diabetic,” despite diabetes attacking my body. I am NOT my disease!

How about you? Do you say frivolous things? “I always lose my keys!” Do you really? I hope you find them easily. “I will run to the store.” Maybe you will, but you must be quite athletic to “run” to the store. If you do, how are you going to carry the things you purchase home afterward? Hopefully, you understand what I am saying. (Oops, I didn’t actually say anything. I wrote it).

“Stop correcting yourself, Nickolas, people will realize how ridiculous you are.”

Okay, okay. I just want everyone to understand that our words have meanings. And, when I tell you that Yahweh “loves you with an everlasting love;” and that he has, “drawn you with unfailing kindness” (Jeremiah 31:3) you can be assured that He DOES!

“Yeah, He was speaking to Israel in that verse, not me!”

I realize that, but as disciples and followers of Jesus, we have been grafted into Israel! So, we can safely conclude this verse applies to us, as well! You see, the Scriptures continually speak to those who we are in Christ, that regardless of your ethnicity or position or gender, we are one in Christ! I and every other person who follows Jesus remains who God created us to be in the flesh while simultaneously becoming a New Creation and a part of His Body through His Spirit. Does that mean the everyone who is in Christ is Jewish or Israel? No! The Scripture clearly states that there is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female.

Okay . . . I’m male, and I’m in Christ. Do I quit being male in the physical? Of course not, you silly bunny! I am also a Gentile, yet I am also in Christ. Do I stop being a Gentile? Nope. Being in Christ does not mean our ethnicity/gender/social standing or whatever, changes. However, we do become members of the Body of Christ, and as such, are one in Him!

What I am saying is that, as believers in Christ, we are in Him. Don’t believe anyone who tells you that “you are now Israel (implying that the church has replaced Israel) and subject to the Laws Yahweh gave to Israel through Moses.” Nuh-uh! If you are in Christ, you are now dead to the Law (but alive in Christ!) If you are in Christ, you are part of the Body of Christ, not Israel! You are now members of a family where there is neither Jew nor Gentile, slave nor free, male nor female – those of us who are believers, are all one in Him! And in that, you should rejoice!

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