Lessons Learned (part one)

I will add to this occasionally because I want to share a few things I have learned over the years. As many of you know, I came to the Lord back in 1979, and I realize that it hasn’t been that long ago, but over the years the Spirit of God has taught me a few things that I want to share with you.

For instance, I am sure there have been times when the Holy Spirit has attempted to use you, but you did not recognize that it was Him. Let me give you an example. Have you ever had someone from your past simply “pop” into your mind? You know, you are minding your own business and suddenly you find you are thinking of “So-and-so.” Maybe you are scrolling through the contacts on your cell phone and suddenly a name “jumps” out at you. Memories of that person begin to flow, but you have a pleasant smile and pass it off as being nothing more than fond memories.

Can I suggest that that is the Holy Spirit? And that you need to contact the person. Either call them or email them or whatever way you are able to, act on that inspiration! You see, that could be the Holy Spirit’s attempt to minister to that person, and using you to do it! Don’t miss that opportunity. It is best to error in favor of the Holy Spirit doing His job!

I learned this many years ago, and like you, I passed them off and went about my business. But one day, I would offer my same prayer, “Lord, use me today.” When the Holy Spirit interrupted my prayer and reminded of the times when He “attempted to do that very thing, but I missed the opportunity!” And then added, “If you continue to ignore my prompts, I will no longer depend on you and you can quit asking.” Ouch! I learned to follow His Voice!

From that day on, I have never ignored it. Regardless of what I am doing at the time, if I suddenly remember someone, I either call them or send a Facebook message or an email.  If nothing else, I PRAY for that person!

Yes, I assure you that there are times when someone crosses your mind and it is not the Holy Spirit prompting. But you need to learn to distinguish the difference between the firing of your brain’s synapses and the voice of the Holy Spirit! Jesus did say, “My sheep recognize my voice, and I know them, and they follow me” (John 10:27) But as I stated above, until you learn the difference, presume it is the Holy Spirit’s prompt, and contact that person!

A dear friend of mine shared a time when out of the blue, he remembered someone but didn’t do anything. A few months later, he learned his friend had gone to be with the Lord!

Now, if he had contacted his friend, would it have stopped the person from dying? Probably not, but who knows? It’s possible his death could have been delayed! But more importantly, he would have learned that there was a concern and wouldn’t be faced with a major surprise and disappointment.

Look, each of us is learning these things, so give yourself some time to grow, and alow mercy to rule! The Lord won’t give up on you that quickly. But as Jesus said, “Much will be expected from the one who has been given much, and the more a man is trusted, the more people will expect of him” (Luke 12:48). But, continue to “step out” in faith and allow the miraculous to take place in your life!

Hey! I just remembered (or the Holy Spirit just jumped in to remind me), from the earliest days of my walk with the Lord, since I was new to the faith and wanted to experience an intimacy with my new Savior, I read that verse above, you know about recognizing His voice, and I prayed, “Father, I truly want to learn to walk with you. Teach me to recognize your voice.” And by golly, He did just that! So why don’t you ask Him? If your desire is sincere you will be amazed what He can . . . correction, what He will do, in your life!

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