An Observation from “My Utmost For His Highest”

In the early days of our faith, we really didn’t know anything. We had heard about the Lord and came running. But we were like children. Impetuous, naïve, unsophisticated, innocent, preoccupied. Can you think of other superlatives? Well, I am sure you get my point. We were new to our faith and we may have been wide-eyed and excited . . . but we were also impatient and resistant to a lot of change. Continue reading

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Trained and Prepared

I was thinking about what it would take to remain victorious in any battles we might face. I turned to the books of Chronicles where I found a wonderful description of what would be required:

“Some men left Gad to join David at the fortified camp in the desert. They were warriors, trained soldiers, able to fight with shields and spears. They looked like lions and were as fast as gazelles on the hills.” (I Chronicles 12:8) Continue reading

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Sincerely Committed!

It is really troubling when we realize that many people merely “accept” salvation. It is almost as if we are doing the God of Creation a favor! How could this be? Jesus made it clear: Continue reading

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Are You A Jew?

Christianity began as a sect within Judaism and grew mostly from one Jewish community to another. As a result, a common misconception regarding “who we are” in Christ, has arisen. You know, how Paul wrote about gentiles being “grafted” into the “tree of Israel.” Now, some believe that they actually become Israel. In fact, I often hear Gentiles say, “I am ‘Jewish‘ because I follow Jesus.” No, you are not. Continue reading

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Our Rebirth

Jesus explained that in order to enter His Father’s Kingdom, we must be “Born Again” (John 3:3-7). In other words, we have to experience a spiritual change. This is exactly what the Baptizer taught those who followed him, instructing them to prepare the way of the Lord by offering fruit worthy of repentance. Peter reminded the early Christians that they had been made partakers of the divine nature and escaped the corruption the world has suffered through their lusts! Now isn’t that interesting. Because of their lusts, their unholy passions, and overwhelming desires, the world’s system has been corrupted. I thought the world’s corruption caused our unholy passions! Not so. WE are the ones who corrupted the world Yahweh had created! This is why we must change. Our corrupted nature must be re-energized, re-born, re-created! Continue reading

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What About Alcohol

Recently, a friend of mine brought the age-old argument of whether drinking alcohol was permissible, or forbidden? I have hear sound arguments both ways, and both sides will present great arguments. lol. But what is the truth? Continue reading

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On Whose Altar Does the Sacrifice lie?

It is rather odd, but I keep hearing about some type of “revival” is on the verge of bursting out. It sounds nice, but I just don’t see it. Are they thinking that if we say it enough, or talk about it enough, or pray about it enough, revival will suddenly break out? Folks, this isn’t some stock market rally that we are waiting for, it is an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on our nation or world! What, do you expect to see a “sweet chariot” to “swing low” and carry us to some enlightened religious experience? It ain’t happenin’ my friends! Continue reading

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