Be Ready; Be Prepared

I found a site created by a brother named Paul Ellis. I don’t necessarily agree with all of Ellis’ teachings, but I wholeheartedly agree that there is a BIG problem out there! Why are we so fixated on things we cannot know? We are grabbing at straws. On a post recently, he made an excellent point: Continue reading

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Evil Happens

Wow! What a crazy world we live in, right? I mean, this week began in tragedy. A shooting in Las Vegas left 59 dead and hundreds injured! One of the Detectives investigating the incident said, “The people didn’t have a chance! It was like shooting fish in a barrel!” It may be graphic, but it was pretty accurate! Continue reading

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Father God

I remember hearing a story that when John F Kennedy was in the White House, his son John Jr would run into his dad’s office just to give him a hug. When that happened, the whole world stopped as the most powerful man on the planet gave his child some quality time. What do we mean when we say Yahweh is our Father? Is that how it looks? How do we feel? Do we honestly believe He is our Father? Imagine that: Father God and childlike faith! Nothing can separate us from our Father’s love! When was the last time you ran into your Father’s presence just to enjoy His presence?
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Don’t Lose Heart

In a previous post, I described a coach from our High School’s Cross Country team. This guy had a stringent rule for anyone who tried out for the team. He told us straight out that any who was willing to tryout must run the complete route he had mapped out (which was a very long trek). He then added, if we chose to start, we could not quit! He didn’t care if it took us all day or night, we had to finish! He meant it too! Continue reading

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Understanding Faith

I was thinking about how our language works. It is interesting how we can hear a word so many times we become immune to its definition. There are many words like that. For instance, the word “terrific” originally meant something entirely different from how some use it today. There are other words that, over time, have changed their meaning, some of which have different uses for their intended purpose. Some words sound so much like the other words that we use them interchangeably. For instance, the word, bemused and amused. Bemused means bewildered or confused. It can also mean “lost in thought, or preoccupied.” However, amused means “pleasurably entertained, occupied, or diverted.” Continue reading

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Training Children

Quite often, I post Bible verses on my Facebook page and two of my groups (Doulos Studies and Holy Ghost Repair Service). I recently posted an often quoted Proverb. Proverbs 22:6, to be precise:
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Eek! What’s Going On?

Holy Moly! I have been watching the news and I was amazed to see how much our world is falling apart! Just yesterday there was a riot downtown on the University of Michigan Campus. Not only that, the past month all of us were glued to our TVs to witness outrageous acts of civil unrest and violence all over the world! There have been natural disasters such as violent and torrential storms, and fires in the U.S.’s Northwest! Oh, don’t miss the fact that the world is facing the threat of wars in every corner of the Earth! Oh, man! What is happening? Continue reading

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