Thank You

9 Responses to Thank You

  1. Kevin J VanBuren says:

    I know that w/out you Father I would have or be nothing I dont mean to say that i dont try to succeed in life because I do , Some time I know I could do more than I am doing… I just Know He is there for me .. Thank You Father PEACE to The world… Especially Parts of the world in

    ” TROUBLE “


  2. Kevin J VanBuren says:



  3. Scott says:

    looking for your series on Paul and Galatians, can’t find ’em however


  4. teresa michaud says:

    Thank you ! Have been wondering the true name of our Almighty Father. Not god or lord as there truly are many of them. He has His Own precious Name. Hashem, Adoni, Elohei. There is only ONE MOST HIGH.


  5. Tebeth says:

    I have borrowed your article The Spoils of War dt Jan 22, 2011 for my Christian blog “Knowing God” at

    I have just found out that you wrote that article and not Debra Pedrow. So I am writing to you for permission to publish this article on my Christian blog (about 110,000 hits) so that more people can read it and then come over on to your blog. I have given you the credit at the end of the article as it is published in my blog today (14th Feb, 2018). I am from Asia.




  6. Tebeth says:

    Sorry. That link is yours. But I found your article on Debra’s blog. I don’t know who Debra is, except that she is a Christian writer and blogger. I was looking for material on the ‘spoils of war’. Googled and got your article.


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