A friend of mine is writing a book as he takes “A Closer Look At The Great Commission.” You see, he recognizes our need to produce Disciples for our Lord. THAT is how His Kingdom advances and spreads throughout the world. My friend has given me the honor of editing his publican and when it is completed, I will send you the links. So far, I have read three of the chapters and I assure you that his book will enrich and challenge your faith!

Something I have always taught is that if we choose to follow Jesus, we may (and often will) experience difficulties and conflicts with our closest relationships. People are people and we have our own “issues” to resolve. However, whenever we do experience such conflicts, our Lord fully expects us to find a solution to those conflicts, at least in our own hearts. No, we can’t change the other person’s heart, but we can fix our own. I can safely say this because being a disciple, means personal, passionate devotion to our Lord Jesus Christ!

My friends, there is a “YUGE” difference between being devoted to a person (such as the King of our Father’s Kingdom) and being devoted to a principle (irrespective of how profound it is) or even to a cause. Our Lord never presented a cause! Instead, He offered personal devotion to Himself. What I am saying is that for us to be a disciple requires that are devoted bondservants who are motivated by LOVE. Specifically, love for our Messiah!

Sadly, many of those who claim to be Christian, have never discovered this. No one has been born with the ability to hold this passionate love for Jesus unless the Holy Spirit has given it to him! Sure, we might admire, respect, and consider Him to be a really nice person, but there is no way we can love Him on our own. The only One who truly loves the Lord Jesus is the Holy Spirit, and, as Paul wrote, “God’s love has been poured into our hearts [How?] by the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us” (Romans 5:5). And, whenever the Holy Spirit sees an opportunity to glorify Jesus through you, He will take your entire being and set you ablaze with glowing devotion to Jesus Christ! Hallelujah!

To be His disciple is to learn from Him; to imitate Him! And I assure you that Jesus was never inconsistent in His relationship to His Father, and we must remain consistent in our relationship to the Son of the Living God, Jesus THE Christ! We won’t be consistent with any strict, unyielding doctrines. No way! We will be eternally devoted to our Lord and King: Jesus Christ!

So, where are you today? Do you burn with a passion for our Lord? Or do you simply limp your way through the day? Is His Spirit alive in you or simply a nagging voice in your ear? Today you can choose to have that glorious relationship or to live in a state of misery.

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My Friends

Have you ever had a dream, and when you woke up you remembered the whole thing? Last night I did. As I slept, I remembered a couple of very dear friends and how just being with them encouraged me! They know the Lord, but it goes beyond that. They don’t just believe in Him, they know Him; they walk with Him; they live their lives in the knowledge of Him! As a result, simply being with them is encouraging! Continue reading

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Word’s Mean Something (or What’s in a Name?)

I have shared this message many times, before. But I felt it was time to do it, once again (maybe many more times).

You see, when my kids were young, I always read bedtime stories to them. Like the “Redwall” series; “Narnian Chronicles” and “Pilgrim’s Progress.” Afterward, I would ask, “So, what did you think of the book?” More often than not, the answer was a simple “Good.” I told them that the word “good” was banned. The book could be funny, boring, interesting, scary, lovely, awful, delightful, or a combination of terms. Anything but good.

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Evangelism: A Cheap Salvation (A.W. Tozer)

But we have renounced the hidden things of shame, not walking in craftiness and handling the word of God deceitfully, but by manifestation of the truth commending ourselves to every man’s conscience in the sight of God. ~II Corinthians 4:2

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Seek Peace

Are you seeking guidance from the Lord for anything? It could be the direction for a vacation, a job opportunity, a relationship, purchasing a home. Whatever it is, always seek PEACE! Allow that peace to settle your decision. Continue reading

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What Do You Do?

Look, we all know that “stuff” happens. We don’t like it and if given the opportunity, we would avoid it . . . but still, it happens. Okay, if that is true, we need to decided before those times come how we are going to react. So, what do you do, in your day-to-day activities, when those difficult situations arrive? Do you crawl back into bed? Do you yell at the kids? or your spouse? I’m serious, what do you do when life gets tough? Continue reading

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Practice Your Father’s Presence?

Have you ever read, “Practicing the Presence of God“? It is a wonderful book by Brother Lawrence.

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Further Thoughts on an Amazing Psalm

Let those who fear you turn to me,
    so that they may know your decrees.
May my heart be blameless (not sinless!) in your statutes,
    so that I may not be put to shame. (Psalm 119:78-80)

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Our Lord Is RISEN!

Easter time is here! Yahoo! Yippee! I probably don’t need to say this, but I will anyway . . . Easter is NOT about the bunny; the baskets; or the candy! I know, I know. You already know that. But what is Easter all about? Continue reading

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Lessons Learned (part three)

Tell me, how do you want to be seen by others? Seriously.  Have you ever thought about how you are perceived by the people you meet?

I have been thinking about those kinds of things, and it occurred to me that to be a member of Yahweh’s true church, we should indeed be concerned about how we appear to those we live with; those we work with, and those we pass every day.

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