On Whose Altar Does the Sacrifice lie?

It is rather odd, but I keep hearing about some type of “revival” is on the verge of bursting out. It sounds nice, but I just don’t see it. Are they thinking that if we say it enough, or talk about it enough, or pray about it enough, revival will suddenly break out? Folks, this isn’t some stock market rally that we are waiting for, it is an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on our nation or world! What, do you expect to see a “sweet chariot” to “swing low” and carry us to some enlightened religious experience? It ain’t happenin’ my friends! Continue reading

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Living Under A Cloud

I have brought this up before (probably many times), but you cannot merely read the Bible, you must begin to study the Bible! And, if you are going to study the Bible, you will see that it is filled with history, theological advice, as well as a vision for the future! It is often told through poetry, allegories, and sometimes parables. And, there is no way to miss that it is interlaced with very literal language, but also highly symbolic imagery. Continue reading

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A Continual Flow

I have an interesting phrase for you. It is mayim chayim. That is Hebrew for “Living (or non-stagnant) water.  (Or more literally, “Drink of the Living Water.” Continue reading

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Who Will Answer?

If there is an ache in your heart, an emptiness that you can’t seem to fill, don’t try to resolve it with a bunch of activity. You know, running around from conference to conference, brambling around various YouTube videos or different websites trying to find a new Word from the Lord! It will never satisfy your need. You are running from one error and into another. The only thing that will ease this hunger, is to still yourself and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you.

Yes, we need, as Tozer often admonishes to possess a “zealous hunger for God,” an avid “thirst after righteousness,” a “pain-filled longing to be Christlike and holy.” But that will not come through your efforts. No, you need is a “zeal that is loving, self-effacing and lowly.” If you want help, there is nowhere else you can go!

We are talking about a “burning desire” to advance to our Father’s glory and not nervous, frenetic activity you believe others require of you. Knock it off! Begin to bask in your Father’s presence and allow His Spirit to call the shots from now on!

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What Training Is Needed?

I knew a man who gave his heart to the Lord, was baptized and immediately began to preach! No, he didn’t have any background in the Scriptures, but he got turned on to the Holy Spirit and just took off! It was pretty exciting for those of us who knew him. Continue reading

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Sever Your Desires

Our world is screwed up. Just watch the news, and you will see what I mean. Now, if you truly wish to make an impact on peoples’ lives, then your life (your behavior, language, sense of humor, radio stations you listen to, TV shows that entertain you, every aspect of your life) must be different from the world! Continue reading

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Pastors and Such . . .

When we are looking for leaders in our churches, we must remember that anyone who is ambitious to lead, is automatically disqualified to lead! As philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer stated, “Wealth is like sea-water; the more we drink, the thirstier we become, and the same is true of fame.” Continue reading

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